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Color Theory



Elements and Priciples of Design (The ABC's of Art)












Printables for the classroom

Awesome variety of printables to use in the classroom.

Creative Classroom Ideas

Sound Memory- Instead of flipping a card you shake the eggs to find pairs. Plastic capsules filled with things like cereal, beads, marbles etc . . Great for multi-sensory learning and special needs students.
Great idea for Elementary students. Tattle Monster! Put the tattle in the box instead of telling the teacher.
Students will have fun picking out topics from the jar, and you can even have their input on what they want to write about.
Great for a primary classroom or for students with special needs.

Perfect for serving as a visual for when students are learning to tell time.


Great idea for a bulletion board for to occupy students that finsih early in the classroom.

More ways to use the french fry concept, this time for descriptive writing and synonym helps!




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